I have officially finished university forever. Well not forever ever as I plan to go back one day to study something more soul inspiring like the spanish language or art literature. But I mustn't be thinking of that now, common I just sat my last ever exam, paid my last ever car park ticket and walked the last ever mile to class. I should be jumping for joy and bathing in champagne instead of contemplating whether art or language is more soul inspiring.

Anyway, I told myself that once school was over I would start a blog (along with every other man and dog) to show the world what I, a 20-something gal coming of age in a city filled with nothing aspire to be and become. I aim to show you, the beautiful people, what I love about fashion and life and all the good things in between. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan (a plan I actually stick to).

Stay tuned because I plan to bring you everything and more come 2011.

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