Make-up is a funny thing. I have a love hate relationship with it. At times I think it is the most amazing thing ever invented, but then come times where I'm disgusted at it. This is greatly due to the fact that many girls use it wrong and tend to go OTT. I think I have finally got my make-up routine down and I only tend to change it up with seasonal colours or for a special occasion. My beauty technician friend taught me the fundamentals in make-up applying and I'm so thankful for that.


I have tried every mascara under the sun and although I am blessed with long eyelashes (yes I will claim this because it is the one thing I am always complemented on) I still wear it religiously. From Chanel to YSL and everything in between I have come to the conclusion that Maybelline Great Lash is the best. To this day it is the most used mascara worldwide and I love it. In terms of foundation, I don't do it. I wear mineral powder because one: it is good for your skin and two: it doesn't give off that horrible cakey look. I wear Inka which is an Australian brand and is all natural and talc-free, plus it is excellent when you wear sunscreen. With eyes being my signature, I tend to always do a subtle smokey eye or smudge a bit of eyeliner on the top lid. At night I use black and soft nude eyeshadow like Bourjois Paris 'Brun Irreel' and 2 different types of eyeliner. I have used Chanel 'Ebony' (black) for a couple of years as well as the eyeliner and think they are wonderful. I use a slanted eye brush which is perfect for contouring along the lid and a flat eyeshadow brush for blending. I have only recently gotten into the think eyebrow and have become accustomed to colouring them with brown eyeshadow. It works wonders and I think the better the eyebrow the better the face- eyebrows can throw off the whole symmetry of a face if they aren't shaped correctly. Always a bit of bronzer or soft pink on the cheeks and of course a bright lip. Mac 'Totally Wow' is the most amazing purple, perfect for summer.

I'm curious to know your beauty secret or what is your favourite make-up item you couldn't live with out?


  1. I absolutely agree with you on girls going OTT. I mean, leave everything aside- how do they have the time and patience for it? I use a black liner (because hello, I'm Indian) every day, all the time, sometimes a little mascara but again mine are pretty dark and long, a little concealer underneath my eyes because the skin there is a little darker and maybe a little gloss. I sometimes use MAC strobe liquid which is just like a moisturizing illuminator. When I go out, I'll pile on mascara, do crazy dark eyes and sometimes a red mouth but my lips are pretty full. So basically, my whole thing is very low maintenance and I can't understand people who spend like, 40 minutes everyday on their makeup? Not that I disapprove, I just wonder.

    Btdubs, YSL is amazing but Dior mascara is GOLDEN. Seriously.

  2. I am in love with that YSL mascara I got for freeeee. It was amazing and it smelled so pretty.

    I want to see your Anna Sui products! x

    Fox Whiskers

  3. my everyday make up sounds pretty similar to yours - although i do use liquid foundation (but still avoid the caked on look!) x

  4. I'm so lazy to use any makeup on my face so I try to do it as fast as I could. I usually wear sunscreen everyday and I can't live without it! The one I'm using right now is Aveeno Daily Moistrizer SPF 30. xxoxoxooo

  5. I could never live without my eye-liner whenever I'm really tired I apply eye-liner and I look a lot more awake.


  6. HAHAHA yeah those bogans will get you everytime!
    yeah maybelline surprisingly have the best mascara!! what's great is that it's not that expensive :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x


Thanks a bunch ♥