I had the real pleasure of watching a a short documentary the other day about the way in which we as humans adapt to influence and creativity. As a major in Marketing and Public Relations I found the entire concept of the film incredibly interesting, and how the whole notion of trends and creativity being contagious is beyond true.

Interviewing the likes of Staple Design founder and CEO, Jeff Staple, along with CornerStone Founders Josh Cohen and Rob Stone (who's elite lifestyle marketing agency deal with global brands such as Nike, Pepsi and Converse), the film describes how we as a forever evolving society are constantly influenced by people and culture. With Jay-Z being at the top of the pecking order in terms of global influencers, not only for his music but also his representation of the Rap culture, the film also gave sight into how influencers shape the society in which we live in, and how they are responsible for many up and coming trends.

"An influencers is someone who has a different way of thinking and a different way of expressing themselves... there is a group of people who are just really early adaptors that really embrace all forms of culture. Those are the people that everyone ends up paying attention to because they are creative and invent things or because they can recognize what the next thing is."


Images from the documentary 'Influencers: How Trends & Creativity is Contagious.'


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  2. Where did you see this documentary? i've been meaning to watch it, it's supposed to be great!.

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